About Me

Judith Hayhow



An experienced physiotherapist offering a personal service.



Having qualified over 25 years ago from Addenbrookes school of Physiotherapy in Cambridge, I have experience in a wide variety of locations from home to hospital and conditions that enable me to respond to most resquests in a timely manner.


Having spent the majority of my working life locally, I appreciate the benefit of supporting the community with the skills that I have tailoring whatever is needed to each of your unique situations. I appreciate the different facets of life and am keen to ensure you are able to connect with whatever other agencies may benefit your situations, whether public or private.

Current Practice


I am passionate about helping everyone achieve their potential, whether supporting people emotionally, developing them physically or helping them on the wider journey of life. We can all learn a lot from each other and the situations we find ourselves in, and I see it a privaledge to be able to walk alongside others for a time and see what can be achieved.


I offer a flexible and responsive service in the comfort of your home, minimising the challenges of getting out, as well as a clinic settting with the benefits of more specialist equipment.


I believe education is an important part in helping you to understand your symptoms and why certain exercises or changing behavoirs will help. This makes it much easier for you to persevere with exercises and to build lasting progress above a quick fix.


Promoting a quality active life prompted me to start classes for those struggling to keep up with mainstream exercise but able to benefit from more than activities in sitting.

I also appreciate the classes are not just about the exercise but the motivation to join others, have fun and grow friendships and support.

Please call 07788 295 362 today for an assessment or complete the contact form and make that first step towards feeling better ...

Personal Experience


I understand first hand the challenges of coping with disability when I experienced chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as M.E. Little did I know that within a month of learning about prescribing wheelchairs I would be ordering my own.


The emotional and physical challenges during this time were a great insight into what many struggle with and I understand more fully how interrelated the mind, body and spirit can be.


From a different perspective, I also have a disabled husband and appreciate first hand the challenges of caring and needing to adjust life to accommodate different needs. I also have an energetic young daughter wanting attention, making me mindful of the influence of disability on the wider family.


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